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Raynor Massage Courses in Auckland are held twice a year in Brown’s Bay.

Our Raynor massage courses teach you to massage people on a very individual basis, rather than breaking the body down into individual muscles or sets of muscles and focusing on learning a set massage routine. At the Raynor Massage School we train you to find and then get rid of tension that your clients are holding within their body which will help them to relax and allow their body to work as it best can. Too often we live with restrictions in movement and pain thinking that it might be ‘just age’ or ‘I hurt it 15 years ago and it’s never worked properly since’. Raynor massage seeks to restore the movement and freedom of the body and looks at the body as a whole It recognizes that tension and pain in one part of the body could be ‘held’ or ‘have its roots’ in a different place. We base our understanding of the body by seeing it as an integrated whole, not just physically but also recognizing that emotional imbalances and stress can have a physical impact on the body.

Brandon Raynor explains the philosophy and methods of his Raynor Massage Therapy

Our massage courses are structured in a way that makes it easy to learn this advanced system of massage in simple and easy way. We don’t waste time in bureaucratic teaching methods but we get to the heart of the subject matter and show you in a practical manner how to massage in an effective way in just a few days.

On this Raynor massage course we will teach you how to feel for tension, how to track it to where the root of that tension is held and how to release it. No two massages will be the same as no two clients will be the same in how they hold their tension. As a participant in the massage class you not only get to learn how to massage other people, you will also experience it for yourself. From the very first day of the training course you will be massaging other students, under the close supervision of your experienced teacher and many in the class will also receive a massage from the teacher.

There are no exams or written tests and you will get personal ongoing feedback on your massage from your teacher. The whole aim of the course is to allow you to leave at the end of the program being competent, and feeling confident, to begin your massage career.

massage course in aucklandWe will be holding both the 5 day Certificate Course and the 10 day combined Certificate and Diploma Massage Courses in Hanmer Springs in February. The course is intensive and you will learn more that you thought possible and you should be able to get incredible results by the end of your training. Please email us at or call us on 09 889 2108 to get more information about the courses.

The Raynor Massage School provides massage training in New Zealand throughout the year. We provide massage courses in Auckland as well as massage classes in Christchurch and Hanmer Springs.


How would I describe the course? It was indescribable! Life changing. An epic adventure. Thank you for the opportunity to heal my life and become something best described as an ‘improved soul’. Maureen is simply inspiring, I aspire to be like her, to bring the joy and happiness to other lives like she does.

Sam, Auckland August 2012

Maureen is simply inspiring, I aspire to be like her, to bring the joy and happiness to other lives like she does

The course was very well organised. The tables weren’t lined up perfectly, the chairs weren’t straight but it was perfect. Maureen was highly organised and we could have learned outdoors without tables. Maureen was detailed and precise and ‘present’, she was ‘there’ with each participant.

Samuel. Auckland Aug 2012

I feel lucky to have done the course

Dan, Auckland 2012

The course was enjoyable, relaxed, informative and nurturing. I can’t think of anything I would change

Auckland 2012

A thoroughly enlightening exposure to the power of massage. Not only did we get to give but also to receive and to experience the before and after and it has confirmed to me that this type of massage on a regular basis is essential for well-being. The course was well organised, the venue superb and the instructor (Maureen) was very professional, informative, demonstrative and supportive. The highlight of the course was witnessing the power of this massage technique and how to work through the energy release process. Nothing would have improved the course, all was great!

Victoria, Auckland 2012

The course was great, a perfect blend of theory and practice. It was a friendly environment with a great group of people. The two weeks flew by and everyone was respectful and caring.
Vic, Auckland 2012

The course was well organised and relaxed. Maureen (our teacher) was brilliant. She was able to explain theory and practical ‘things’ in an understandable manner. We were allowed to bombard her with questions which was great, she was down to earth and no nonsense. I can’t think of anything that would improve the course. This was a hands on massage course in which you learn to massage with your hands, not your head. Through touch you connect to the physical, emotional and spiritual body. It was very exciting to be able (still learning) to give other people that experience. Thank you Maureen for all you taught me over the last 2 weeks. You showed so much compassion, genuine care and interest in everyone. Your demos were very interesting learning experiences, watching your approach, assessments and massage techniques. Most amazing to me was feeling your healing powers, hand in hand with lots of genuine tlc. All contact with the school was prompt, professional and friendly.

Sylvia. August 2012

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